Tourism and culture. Itineraries

In Marcellise you can visit the famous Villa Girasole (Villa Sunflower), a unique visionary building, influenced by Futurism, which can rotate and change position to follow the sun’s movement during the day. San Pietro Church with its many works of art dedicated to San Pietro in Cattedra, is also well worth a visit.

Marcellise is the ideal starting point for discovering wine producers, villas and churches as well as history, gastronomy and landscapes among the vineyards, ancient country churches (pievi) and castles or simply exploring and enjoying the quiet atmosphere of the area along the Soave Wine Route, far away from the noise of the city.
Just a few kilometres from the medieval town of Soave, the main wine producing centre, rich in art and history, you can visit the nearby resorts such as:

Colognola ai Colli, well renowned for the delicious “Verdone nano” peas.

Montecchia di Corsara, situated in an outstanding beautiful landscape among vineyards and cherry orchards, whose white petals cover the whole valley and the surrounding hills in spring.

Cazzano di Tramigna, where you can taste the famous cherry “mora di Cazzano”, one of the most appreciated cherries in the world.

Roncà, the main centre of the Cimbri culture (descendants of the ancient Germanic tribes of Europe) and starting point for visiting the Regional Nature Park of the Lessinia area.

Molina, a picturesque medieval village of the Lessina area and the “Parco delle Cascate” with its impressive waterfalls.

Monteforte d’Alpone, famous for its Soave wine, the Montefortiana (a loop road race), the high Bell Tower and the Carnival.

San Martino Buon albergo, discover the country.

Gastronomy specialities

The local cuisine is excellent with its outstanding DPO and PGI production: “Monte Veronese” Cheese, “Vialone Nano” Rice, Olive oil , the Cherries of Verona’s hills , the Radicchio Veronese (a particular type of red lettuce) and the “Marrone di San Mauro” (chestnuts), besides the traditional production of “soppressa” (a regional type of salami with a firm, dense texture and a pure, salty flavour), the “bogoni” the local name for snails, the dry-cured raw ham, peas, wild mushrooms and honey.